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>> Friday, June 12, 2009

One of the things that I pay for to keep the blogroll running smoothly (the form that people submit their information on) is about to expire. I have always paid for the license for this out of my own pocket, just as I have paid for the hosting of the blog roll (which could have been free, but it included that ads would pop up every single time anyone clicked on any of the links).

I was hoping that today, I might be able to come to you and see if even just a few of you might be willing to donate just a few dollars (even a dollar!) through Paypal so that running the blogroll doesn't continue to cost me money. It doesn't horribly expensive, but I am easily spending $40 - $60/year on it, as well as all of the time involved. The blogroll is not something that I want to make money on, but it's hard to know that it costs me money.

If you feel called to donate just a couple of dollars, please visit the Catholic Mothers Online blog and click on the Paypal button on the right sidebar.

If you would rather not donate, but you have a family friendly business and would like to talk about buying an ad near the top of the sidebar here at the blog, I would love to discuss that as well.

Thank you, and please know that I will not make a practice of these kinds of posts.


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