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Thanks for Calling

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today's guest post is written by Holly from FALLING UPWARD.

My daughter is 21 months old now and is developing a particular attachment to all the “tools” I use in my day-to-day life. It’s interesting to see how her little eyes perceive what things define a person.  My keys, shoes, purse and sunglasses spend more time donning her little mop-top self than my own. 
I’m somewhat ashamed to confess this next little slice of our life.  She thinks my phone is actually called a “Holly” and not a “Phone.”  I gather this comes from the fact that I work from home and during business hours am answering the phone, “Hello, this is Holly.”  Either way, she picks it up and carries it around, calling it her “Holly.”  When the phone rings, her eyes light up,  her mouth falls open and she starts running in circles with excitement screaming, “Holly, Holly, Holly!!!”  I’ve tried replacing my phone with her Elmo phone, but after one or two conversations with Elmo, she’s back to wanting the real deal.
In some ways, it’s flattering to see her put on my sunglasses, my shoes and pick up the keys while she’s tossing the diaper bag across her body and saying, “Ok, bye bye, see you.”  She always does so with a smile and then puckers up for a goodbye kiss.  I’m not sure if I should be proud of the fact I must always leave the house with a kiss and hug, or if I should feel shame over appearing so very happy while I am LEAVING my home!

Like so many things do, witnessing this everyday brings me to a spiritual reflection.  Is this how I appear in the eyes of God?  Trying so very hard to impress him with my faith and knowledge as I stumble around, trying my very best to imitate the example He gave me as the perfect mother: Mary? 
The thought that the amusement I get from the sight of my daughter doing these things could be similar to how God views my attempts at faith, piety and prayer makes me blush.  It also humbles me, and warms my heart.  Child-like joy in beautiful.  I guess it isn’t so bad to entertain the possibility I could still possess it.
However, I look in the eyes of God, I will continue to “put on” Christ, because that is what I believe He calls me to do.  The way in which I so seriously do it may be a bit off the mark, but just like my daughter, I will do it with the best of intentions – and a smile.
I must always answer the call.  Oftentimes, it’s Elmo, but sometimes, it’s God. 
Have you ever thought about how you look in the eyes of God?

Holly can be found blogging at FALLING UPWARD.

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