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Seeking Applications for Staff Writers

>> Saturday, June 5, 2010

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In the past, I have published guest posts here at Catholic Mothers Online.  I want to continue to feature guest posts from time to time, but I also decided that I would love to have 4 - 8 writers that regularly contribute original posts (not previously published on their own blogs) for Catholic Mothers Online.  This would involve writing approximately once a month, unless I find closer to the eight writer mark, then it will likely be just once every other month.

What does writing for Catholic Mothers Online consist of?
  • One required article/post submission per month (you may send in more, but you must meet that requirement)
  • Posts are 250 – 1000 words in length (though if it makes sense to do less than 250, that is fine, and we really strive to keep under to 1000 word mark, unless it warrants being longer)
  • Posts need to be well written grammatically and well formatted
  • Topic ideas are pretty open (and you’ll mostly come up with them on your own) - anything that might be of interest to Catholic Mothers.  Topic ideas: faith formation, motherhood, crafts, reflections, recipes (with an eye toward a religious focus -- perhaps to correlate with feast days), household management, homeschooling, reviews of Catholic products or businesses, etc.
  • You will have a byline (that you write) at that bottom of each post, as well as a bio on an author page, a 125×125 button on the sidebar, and your link in the "Links" section of the Catholic Gadget that is for CMO writers
If you are interested in writing, drop me (Angie) an email with “writer application” in the subject line. 

Please include:
  • your name (first only is fine)
  • blog URL
  • a little bit about yourself
  • any writing ideas you have
  • links to two or three posts that you are particularly proud of.
Thank you!


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