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Welcome to the Ordinary

>> Monday, July 26, 2010

I love feast days. The vestments are white - there is a "specialness" that is in the church - as we gather to celebrate something special - something specific.
Then, we move onto Ordinary Time. In fact, we will be there for a while now - the next feast we observe on Sunday will be the Assumption of Mary, which happens in mid-August.

Parked in the ordinary, we will see green vestments.

The green color of the altar cloths - it reminds me of the green outside at this time of year - green things growing in the summer sun and rains. Producing fruit.

Growing. Producing.

This is a time for us, also, to grow.

Nourished by His body - nourished by the Word - nourished by the ordinary days of our life, lived in hope.

Welcome to the Ordinary.
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