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Resource for Catholic Families

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's Guest Post is by Brenda from The Tie That Binds Us.

For a chance to win this rosary scroll down to the give-away.

Angie and I have been working together to create a resource for Catholic Homeschoolers like none other. It is a toolbar that sits at the top of your computer and guides you to some of the best Catholic sites and blogs available to Catholic families.

The toolbar itself has many components that are geared towards families, but it also has a huge homeschooling emphasis.

Take a look at all that you get when you download this resource:
  • Family planning sites
  • Sites on the sacraments and saints
  • Web pages about the holidays and feasts
  • Links to crafts for Catholic children
  • Forums that you can join to meet other Catholic families
  • A drop down menu dedicated to homeschooling - encouragement, curriculum reviews, email lists, suppliers, and magazines
  • 50 Catholic blogs, plus more on the way!
  • RSS feeds to daily readings, Catholic Icing, The Homeschool Classroom and more
  • Email notification for all your email accounts
  • A radio player that features Catholic radio stations plus your local ones too
  • Weather updates
We are still adding sites daily to this free resource. If you download it and you would like to suggest an addition please email us @

Did I mention that this resource is free?

To download this toolbar visit the page:

Wait! There is a give-away!

Remember that pretty rosary that was at the top of this post? For your chance to win it you may leave a comment that you have downloaded the toolbar for a chance to win this beautiful rosary hand made by Angie. You may leave one comment (on the original post about The Catholic Family Toolbar at The Homeschool Classroom, comments on this post here at Catholic Mothers Online are closed) if you do any of the following:
  • download the toolbar for one entry
  • twitter about the toolbar for another entry
  • blog about the toolbar for another entry
  • leave 5 or more Catholic sites that are not included that should be on the toolbar for one entry
Entries will be closed on February 23rd.

Brenda can be found writing at The Tie That Binds Us.  She is also the founder of Curriculum Choice and Joyful Holidays, and co-founder of Homeschool Lifestyle Media.

Angie can be found writing at Many Little Blessings.  She is also the founder of Catholic Mothers Online and The Homeschool Classroom, as well as the co-founder of Homeschool Lifestyle Media.

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