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Blog Roll Has All Been Updated! (May 2nd, 2008)

>> Friday, May 2, 2008

In interest of full disclosure, now that I have finally done a complete update on the blog roll (which I try to do periodically, with spot checks in between), here is an update of the blogs that were removed and reasoning for that:

*Please note -- nobody is notified when their blog is removed. It is just removed. Also, during this update, I contacted many people to ask them to contact me for updated coding. If you currently have a picture that shows up for your blog roll, you are using the current coding. If you do not have a picture (and a box with a red X instead), you are still using the old coding.

Blogs Removed Because the Blog Roll No Longer Appears on Their Blog: 20

Blogs Removed Because It Has Been Too Long Since They Were Last Updated (the guidelines state one month, but I have been considerably more lenient than that): 10 (these are all about 6 months or more since last written on)

Blogs Removed Because The Blog Just Simply Doesn't Exist Anymore: 5

Blogs Removed Because They Have Changed Their Status from Public Blogs to Private/By Invitation Only Blogs: 7

Blogs that I Edited Titles For Because They are Currently Using a Title that Does Not Match What Shows Up on Their Actual Blog (obviously, these blogs were not removed, but I just wanted to add this to the data): 8

Current Number of Blogs on the Blog Roll After All of the Above Mentioned Blogs Were Removed: 296

Please note: If you feel your blog was removed in error, or you think remedy whatever issue had you removed and you would like to be a member again, please fill out a request to join form and I will review it.



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