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Family Savings Fridays: July 30, 2010

>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to a new feature here at Catholic Mothers Online. Since so many Catholic families have larger families or may have had to give up a second income to homeschool or make other financial sacrifices, I have decided to share some deals from around the Internet once a week (or maybe just once every other week - I'll have to figure it out as I go along). So, if you're interested in the deals, then I hope you'll enjoy it. However, if this is a feature that you don't enjoy, just feel free to ignore me when I post these, okay?

This one expires Friday (July 30th) at noon: If you are a blogger and want to turn your blog into a business and really grow it, you will probably enjoy the session recordings, handouts, and power point presentations from the Savvy Blogging Summit Conference.  The set of all of the recordings and handouts is normally $97, but through tomorrow at noon (using the code CHEYENNE), you can get them at half price!

And then with even less time available, for the next couple of hours, the new eBook 110 Breakfast Recipes is on sale for $3.97! Act quickly on this one!

My eBook, Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places, is currently priced at 50% off.  All of the proceeds from those sales (using the coupon code bike) will go toward buying my 11 year old son with Autism his very first bike.  (It's an expensive one, so if you don't mind passing along the info about this to others, I would greatly appreciate it.)

Canvas People is offering new customers a $55 credit, which means you can get a free 8x10 canvas made from your favorite photograph. (You'll just be responsible for paying for the shipping and handling.) This could make for an amazing Christmas present!

With CellFire Coupons, you can add coupons right to your grocery store savings card. Stores that they serve include: Baker's City Market Dillons Fry's Gerbes Hilander JayC King Soopers Kroger Owen's Pay Less QFC Ralphs Scott's Smith's Carrs Dominick's Genuardi's Pavilions Randall's Safeway Tom Thumb Vons ShopRite

Diabetic Connect Care Services is offering a free low carb recipe book. Now, you will have to give your name and address (and the like), but if you feel comfortable with that, then this is a great freebie.

York Photo is offering 40 free prints for signing up as a new customer. They also have everyday low prices of $.04 a print! (I don't know about you, but I have a few thousand photos to be printed. It's simply shocking to me.)

Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel is accepting new families. You can earn points for products by scanning products that you buy with the scanner that they provide for you.

Vista Print has a variety of current offers for items where you only pay for the shipping, and get the items for free otherwise. The current Vista Print offers include: Personalized Tote Bag, 250 Free Business Cards, a Free 4x6 Photo Flip Book, a Free Photo Wall Calendar (another great Christmas gift idea!), 10 Free Products (rubber stamp, sticky notes, wall calendar, flip book, tote bag, mug, and mouse pad).

(Now, it is important to note that you need to be careful while ordering from Vista Print. I have ordered tons of things and never had problems, but some people have had issues with extra charges. From what I have heard, you just need to be very aware while ordering and careful that nothing is checked that you wouldn't want to be checked. I have probably ordered from them 25 times though, and never had an issue.)

SimplyInk is offering 10% off ink and toner plus free shipping on orders over $55.  This is a perfect way to stock up before school starts!

If you like to use coupons, be sure to check out sites like Free Coupon Alerts, Free Flys (samples and coupons),, and Share the Save.

photo by Tracy_O

This post contains affiliate links.  Please do not feel the need to buy anything that you might not have bought anywayAffiliate links just help run this site.  Plus, we all love a good deal when we can find one!


Welcome to the Ordinary

>> Monday, July 26, 2010

I love feast days. The vestments are white - there is a "specialness" that is in the church - as we gather to celebrate something special - something specific.
Then, we move onto Ordinary Time. In fact, we will be there for a while now - the next feast we observe on Sunday will be the Assumption of Mary, which happens in mid-August.

Parked in the ordinary, we will see green vestments.

The green color of the altar cloths - it reminds me of the green outside at this time of year - green things growing in the summer sun and rains. Producing fruit.

Growing. Producing.

This is a time for us, also, to grow.

Nourished by His body - nourished by the Word - nourished by the ordinary days of our life, lived in hope.

Welcome to the Ordinary.
In between home-keeping, home-schooling, and home-farming, you can find LuAnne (aka Mrs. Imperfect) writing and pondering at


New Blog Roll Members: July 22, 2010

>> Thursday, July 22, 2010

When it rains it pours, or so the saying goes, so I'll apologize again for the long delay between updating the blog roll.  Right before July started, my Mom went in to the emergency room with some mild burning in her chest.  Two days later (on July 1st), she was having an emergency quadruple bypass.  Life has been a bit on hold since then, it seems.

So, enjoy this very long list of new blogs on the blog roll!  Not only were there a lot of blogs to add, but I also went through the list of blogs that I was waiting to hear from about the coding being installed, and many of them had installed coding (but I hadn't received emails about it).  So, why not pick a blog or two (or ten) to visit and say hello!

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