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Well...I'm kind of cross-eyed now...

>> Thursday, September 6, 2007

But I just sent out emails to everyone on the blog roll! Whew!

Because of some changes to the server that I was using for hosting the images for the blog roll, I have moved the pictures elsewhere. The pictures will continue to work in your current coding through the end of September, but at that point, if you don't change the coding (I sent it out to everyone), you will end up with a red X of a picture. Just a heads up!

If you didn't get an email from me (I did get a few returned), please feel free to email me directly for the code (and please include your blog link in the email): catholicmothers {at} insightbb {dot} com.

Thanks everyone!


Did some blog roll maintenance tonight...

>> Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just a heads up -- I ended up deleting approximately 10 blogs from the list. I apologize that I can't take the time to find the email addresses for each of those people and let them know, but even just checking up on the whole blog roll took about two hours. Whew! (Of the blogs deleted, over half were because there were not blogs at those links anymore.)

Oh...and I also fixed links for two blogs on the roll that were incorrect.

And...sorry, but I did delete two or three blogs that just didn't have the blog roll shown anywhere on their blog. Trust me -- if I couldn't find it, I searched and searched. (And then one that only now had one post and hadn't been updated since before summer started.)

If you were deleted and want to join back up, you will need to fill out the enrollment form again.

And one last update -- I had never put this in the guidelines, but will be adding it. Blogs on the blog roll need to be able to be read by the public. Sorry...but this is the only way I can keep updated on blogs and check on them.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the blog roll! It has been great to watch it grow and flourish!


Over 200 on the Blog Roll Now!

>> Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wow! As of this moment, there are 201 blogs on our Catholic Mothers Online blog roll! What an amazing blessing! (And, this number does not include any of the many blogs that I am waiting to hear back that they have installed the coding in order to be added to the roll.)

Thanks to everyone for making this community just grow and grow!


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