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Okay...the old pictures are really coming down soon!

>> Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Remember back when I sent out the new coding to everyone (or tried to, at least)?'s official -- if you didn't change to the new coding, then very soon your picture will disappear and be replaced with the dreaded red X.

Don't remember if you have changed your coding? Just right click on the picture that appears above the blog roll on your blog. If it comes up with "" as part of the picture properties, then you have the old coding. If it comes up with some coding from, then you have the newer coding.

If you find that you lose your picture, please email me at catholicmothers_spam {at} insightbb {dot} com. Just change the {at} to @ and the {dot} to a . and then also remove the _spam. When you email me, please let me know that you need the new coding. Please tell me what blog server you are on (Blogger, WordPress, etc), what your blog URL is, and what picture you had before. (This is also your opportunity to get a different picture though too!)

Please do not sign up for the blog roll again, just because you need the new coding -- please email me, and I'll get back to you within 3 - 6 days.



The Official Stand on MySpace Blogs

I have personally contacted just a couple of people who have requested to join the blog roll who use a MySpace blog, but wanted to record it here on the CMO blog as well. I had to make the decision that I would not include blogs that are on MySpace on the CMO blogroll at this time.

I had two main reasons for that --

1. It appears to me (a non-MySpace person, mind you) to be a little confusing about adding the coding to MySpace. At least I know that I have been asked about how to do it by people with MySpace, and I don't know how. So, that has made me assume that it would be difficult to add it in the same way that you can add it to blog servers such as TypePad, Blogger, etc.

2. Because the comments feature is featured so prominently on MySpace pages, and it can often (not always -- but I have seen it plenty) lead to things that might not be family friendly, it makes me concerned.

Now...mind you, I do want to note that I have generally not censored the blog roll. There are, indeed, blogs on the roll that may not be as family friendly as others.

I apologize to anyone who wants to join and is not able to because of this previously unposted guideline. Much of my feelings about it may be because of my lack of familiarity with MySpace. But, as the person who has to put so much time and effort into the CMO Blogroll, then that means I'm also the one who gets to make that call.

Again -- sorry to anyone who it may effect. Really though...of all the applications I have received, I have only had two or three requested from MySpace, so this does represent a very small percentage.

Thanks for all your support & for making this blog roll so successful!


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