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We are gearing back up by going through the list!

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have two helpers now (yeh! -- I'll introduce them soon) to help me go through the blog roll every so often to check on the status of blogs on the roll. They are checking and reporting back to me about blogs that need to be removed (according to the guidelines for joining).

Please remember that if your blog meets any of these criteria, it may be removed from the Blog Roll as soon as is back up and running:

1. No longer has the Catholic Mothers Online blog roll installed somewhere on their blog. (We do check sidebars, footers, and if you have a separate page listed for "blog rolls.")

2. Blog no longer exists.

3. The blog has become a private blog.

4. Material on your blog is no longer appropriate (e.g. adult content or adult ads -- objectionable material).

5. Your blog hasn't been updated in several months.

Of course, if you are ever removed, you may request again to join if the issue has been resolved.


Read more... has a re-launch date posted!

>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm excited to see that (the site we use to host our blog roll) has announced a re-launch date of March 2nd. We'll finally be ready to start back up after all these long months!

We were just about to go with a different format for keeping up the blogroll because of all the delays, so hopefully this is the answer to our prayers!

So, just a few more weeks, and I hope to start sending out coding to people that are needing it, as well as to add the sign up form back to the blog.

If, for any reason, doesn't come back up by March 16th, then we'll go back to our alternate plan. So, let's hope for the best, because the alternate plan is a lot more work for those of us involved with the blog roll.


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