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The Catholic Women's Blog Roll

>> Wednesday, April 4, 2007

So...I have a little bit of work to do before I actually put this into action (maybe next week?), but I wanted to get the page started so I can start fiddling with it.

Once things get going, you will be able to sign up for a Catholic Women's Blog Roll. You can read discussion about what inspired me to create it and such on my regular blog -- Many Little Blessings.

Next week, I hope to have up the guidelines for joining and other similar information. I am excited for this, and feel that I have been called to create this to help foster even greater community with (and increased ease in finding) female Catholic bloggers.

So...what's on my agenda?

  • Name this blog roll! (If you have any great ideas, feel free to share. If I choose what you suggest, I will send you a little something!)
  • Come up with some buttons for the blogroll for others to put on their own blogs. (Though my plan for the list is to have a script through another website that will have a listing of all the blogs to be placed on each blog in the blog ring. It will hopefully be similiar to the Blogging Chicks that is on my site now.) If you are not familiar with Blogging Chicks, here is a link to their site.
  • Design a header, footer, etc.

My biggest "to do" though is to name it and begin take sign ups. I figure everything else can wait until later into next week, particularly as many people (including myself) are trying to take more time this week in prayer and meditation. (I will say that I would certainly have been waiting on this until after Holy Week if I hadn't felt so called to do this while in prayer.)

Thanks for checking out the new, very plain (for now) home of the as-of-yet untitled Catholic Women's blog roll.

(If you are interested in signing up, please feel free to comment to me here or on my regular site. I will be opening an email address soon for this purpose as well.)


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