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A little change for those who are using WordPress

>> Friday, April 13, 2007

I had to do some researching after someone with a WordPress blog wanted to join but couldn't seem to get the coding to show up on her site. I finally found out that WordPress does appear to support Javascript (which is what the CMO Blog Roll is using).

So, only for those people who would like to join who are on blog servers that do not support Javascript, I have come up with an html version of the buttons. With these, the actual blog roll does not show up on their blog, but a button about it does.

This will not be an option for those of you who are on blog servers that support Javascript (Blogger, Typepad, etc.). Although, if you are dying to have it on your blog twice, then you *can* have an html button as well. (You may see off to the side that I have added an html button here on this blog, as well as the Javascript version.)

So, if you didn't sign up because you knew your server didn't support Javascript, now is your time that you can contact me about it. I'm all ready for you now, thanks to Susan at AHappyHeart bringing forth the need for the html coding.


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